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Las Vegas, Nevada

Las VegasAn internationally renowned resort city, Las Vegas (famously referred to as "Sin City" because of its tolerance for various forms of adult entertainment) bills itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World. And with good reason! There's no shortage of entertainment. On the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard), volcanoes explode before your eyes, giant water fountains perform musically orchestrated ballets, and scantily clad pirates duel it out hourly. There's plenty of romance as well, including gondola rides at the Venetian (always a hit with honeymooners!) And, of course, you can also try your luck at the slot machines. Wouldn't it be nice to come home from your honeymoon with a big jackpot in your pocket?


Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, MoroccoKnown as the "Red City", Marrakech (or Marrakesh) is a great destination for adventurous honeymooners. This intoxicating and mysterious city is filled with pungent spices, snake charmers, faith healers, bazaars, souks (markets), and the medina -- the old part of the city that's still surrounded by 12th-century walls. Morocco mixes vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, and snow–capped mountains all within 3 hours drive of each other. But most guides recommend spring and fall as the best times to visit because the summer can get very hot. It's also best to avoid April, which is sandstorm season, if you plan to venture into the desert.


Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, MexicoAcapulco was once THE playground of the rich and famous (it was the honeymoon destination for John and Jackie Kennedy!) and upon visiting, you'll see why. Ranked as one of the world's three most beautiful bays, Acapulco offers every amenity and more with plenty of Mexican flavor. Temperatures hover in the 80s throughout the year, and the warm water is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. In addition to the beautiful beaches, Acapulco's nightlife is legendary and caters to a wide range of exotic tastes. There is no place in the world that can compete with Acapulco's sophisticated dazzling discos and the choice of entertainment and restaurants. And perhaps best of all, the prices in Acapulco are affordable and can allow for an unforgettable honeymoon even on a tight budget.


Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Bay of Islands, New ZealandThe Bay of Islands offers a wide variety of activities including deep sea fishing, sailing, whale watching, sea kayaking, parasailing, sky diving, water skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling. In addition, if you can score a reservation in one of the four villas at the Eagles Nest resort, you and your spouse will enjoy all the privacy you could possibly desire on your honeymoon. Each large villa is essentially a self-contained mini-hotel and there are no shared public spaces. The larger villas have their own infinity pools and private Jacuzzis, as well as the honeymooners' favorite--the First Light Temple with an all glass shower.


St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

St. John, U. S. Virgin IslandsSt. John is an exclusive travel and honeymoon destination with several resorts and one of the top ten beaches in the world. Though it is the smallest of the three U.S Virgin Islands, St. John's unspoiled beauty is perhaps the greatest found anywhere in the Caribbean with lush hills and pristine beaches untouched by development. In fact, two-thirds of the 20-square-mile island is national park. St. John is as far away as you can get from civilization, but still be just a short distance from fine dining and resort activities. The island's high level of affluence has earned it the distinction of being the "Beverly Hills of the Caribbean".


Crete, Greece

Crete, GreeceOne of the most popular destinations in Greece, the island of Crete was once the center of the Minoan civilization (c. 2700-1420 BC) and was the first civilization in Europe. Modern Crete is broken into four distinct regions that offer very different experiences, from jungle adventures to beach-bum lazing. The island's accommodations include large luxury hotels as well as smaller family-owned apartments, and even camping facilities. The beaches are lovely, as are the hotels, spas and Greek cuisine. There is no shortage of activities to keep you busy in Crete. History buffs will enjoy a visit to the Palace of Knossos and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, while more lazy vacationers can soak up the rays along the island's sandy coasts. Outdoorsy types can hike to their hearts content at Samaria Gorge in Chania to the west, explore the palm-tree forests in Lasithi in the east or hang in the traveler-recommended Balos Lagoon in Kissamos. And shopaholics will love the boutique-lined boulevards of Agios Nikolaos.


Paris, France

Paris, FranceThere’s a reason why Paris is called the City of Love. For many, it is the ultimate honeymoon destination. Situated on the river Seine, in northern France, Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. With fine French dining, elegant shopping boulevards, renowned museums (Musee d'Orsay, Louvre) and swoon-worthy sights (Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur), there are so many tourist activities that there's simply no way you'll get to do it all (especially if you plan to devote a significant portion of your visit to cuddling in your hotel room!) Travel experts recommend writing your own itinerary and traveling Paris on your own terms. Don't feel like you have to see everything on your first visit. After all, once you've tasted of Paris, you will probably be back. Save something for your anniversary!


Florence, Italy

Florence, ItalyWith its romantic bridges, elegant squares and incredible art, Florence is a perfect honeymoon city. Set along the banks of the Arno River and nestled in the Tuscan hills, Florence is an intimate city of renowned Renaissance art and architecture, local Italian wines and great food. Masterpieces abound here in all their original glory: Michelangelo's statues of Bacchus and David, Cellini's statue of Perseus beheading Medusa, Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus," Titian's "The Venus of Urbino," and more. The world-renowned Uffizi Gallery is a must-see, but art is everywhere: In the chapels hidden inside the Santa Maria Novella and Santa Maria del Carmine churches, and in the statue garden outside the Palazzo Vecchio, where you'll find Ammannati's Neptune Fountain. Since Florence is a small city, the easiest way to get around is walking, a perfect mode of transportation for honeymooners, strolling leisurely, hand in hand, through the labyrinth of stone streets and gardens. The attractions -- the Duomo, the David, the Uffizi -- are magnificent, but (unlike Paris) there aren't so many that you feel stressed or rushed to see it all. When you've seen your fill, take an excursion into the lovely Chianti wine country. Visit a local winery, sample some amazing wines and finish your day with a romantic Tuscan dinner. A honeymoon in Florence practically guarantees starry eyes.


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, French PolynesiaA major international tourist destination, famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts, Bora Bora is the epitome of a tropical paradise. Over the water bungalows are popular on the island. Situated on stilts over a lagoon, most have have sundecks and platforms from which you can step off directly into the water for swimming or snorkeling. Quite possibly, there is nothing more romantic than waking up in your room, walking out your front door and seeing the crystal-clear blue ocean surround you. Relax on the beach or participate in some exciting activities, including safari tours and shark feedings on the water. Visit the remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, or take a sunset sail aboard a private catamaran. Bora Bora is truly one of the most romantic honeymoon spots in the world.


Maui, Hawaii

MauiThe recipient of numerous travel industry awards for Best Island In The World, Maui offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and a little taste of paradise. There are a variety of accommodations on the island, from 5 Diamond resorts to cozy beach rentals. And with jungles to explore, volcanoes to tour, oceans to snorkel, the Waianapanapa State Park to hike, Maui is practically bursting with potential adventure. But if you want to catch up on your rest and relaxation, there are also gorgeous beaches to laze upon, calm peaceful towns, and luxurious spa resorts. Enjoy an outdoor massage for two at the Four Seasons hotel or have a private picnic on the beach. No matter how you spend your day, make sure to set aside enough time to feast at the famous Old Lahaina Luau in the evening where you can enjoy poi and lomilomi like a local. And before your vacation is over, be sure to take a drive down the legendary Road to Hana which runs along the east coast of Maui, curving around many mountains and passing by black sand beaches and waterfalls. A perfect honeymoon spot, you will want to go back again and again.

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