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Twenty Questions

HOW TO PLAY: Choose one person to start. This person must think of an object.

Other players may then ask questions about the object that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

The person who has the object in mind should answer as honestly as possible.

After hearing the answer, the questioner is allowed to guess the object. Players are allowed to ask a total of 20 questions.

If someone correctly guesses the object, that person thinks of a new object and the game begins again.

If, after 20 questions, no one guesses the object, then the first player wins.


Scavenger Hunt

HOW TO PLAY: Divide participants into teams. Each team is given a list of items that they must "scavenge" and a time limit to do so. The first team to return with all items on the list wins. Obviously, the more interesting (and difficult to obtain) the items on the list are, the more fun the game will be!


Never Have I Ever

HOW TO PLAY: All players sit in a circle and place both hands in the air, palms out, fingers pointing towards the ceiling. Each finger signifies the number of points you have at the beginning of the game. Therefore, each player starts with 10 points (presumably).

The first player makes a statement beginning with the words, "Never have I ever..." For example, "Never have I ever been on a roller coaster." This statement should be completely true and, preferably, something that the other players do not know about the person.

Every player who HAS done the statement must put one finger down. For example, if seven players have been on a roller coaster, seven players each put one finger down. If you are playing as a drinking game, the players who put their fingers down also take a drink.

Play continues clockwise. The next player will make a "Never have I ever" statement, and the game continues. Once a player runs out of fingers, that player is out.

Continue the game until only 1 player remains. That player is "the winner." If you are playing as a drinking game, the winner will have also had the least amount of drinks.



HOW TO PLAY: Players sit in a circle, with one player sitting in the middle of the circle. The player in the middle is the "psychiatrist", and the players in the circle are the "patients".

Before the game starts, the patients must agree on a common affliction, such as being afraid of the dark, or believing themselves to be a particular film star. (The psychiatrist should leave the room while this affliction is discussed and decided.) The psychiatrist then returns, and attempts to diagnose the collective illness by asking questions to each patient in turn. Patients can convey hints in their behavior as much as their answers.

If a patient gives an answer which is inconsistent with the agreed affliction, or is a lie, the other patients should shout "Psychiatrist!", and the answering patient swaps seats with the patient who shouted first.

Play continues until the psychiatrist guesses the affliction.


Who's the Murderer?

HOW TO PLAY: Each player draws a card. All cards should be number cards (2-9) except for one which is the murder card (Queen of Hearts or Ace of Spades). The player that draws the murder card is the murderer. All other players are detectives/victims.

The murderer tries to secretly wink at people to kill them. If someone has been winked at, they must turn over their card and fake death (screaming and other theatrics are optional).

Players try to spot the murderer as he kills his victims.

If you suspect the killer, you announce "I know the killer" and pronounce the murderer's name. If you are correct, the murderer must reveal his card, but if you've guessed incorrectly, you must flip over your card and you're out of the game.

Play continues until the murderer has been discovered or all victims are dead.


Truth or Dare

HOW TO PLAY: All players sit in a circle. Choose one player to start the game. This player asks "Truth or Dare?" of another player in the circle. The second player must choose between answering a question and performing a dare. If he/she chooses a question, the first player may ask ANY question and the other player must answer truthfully. If he/she chooses dare, the first player should dare him/her to do something, and the second player must comply. Play continues with the person who last told the truth or did the dare asking "Truth or Dare?" of another player.


Poor Pussy

HOW TO PLAY: The players are seated in a circle with one player, "pussy", in the center. Pussy must go over to another player and meow three times. Each time, the other player must pet pussy's head and say "Poor pussy," without laughing. The pussy should do his best to make the other player laugh. He can make funny meows and walk around like a cat. The pussy goes from one player to another until someone laughs. The first one to laugh becomes the new pussy.



HOW TO PLAY: Divide the group into two teams and decide on a time limit (usually 1 to 2 minutes) for each round.

Each team write titles of books, TV shows, movies, or other phrases, characters, or activities on individual scraps of paper, then folds them to hide the writing. Each team then places its scraps in a separate bowl. (There should be an equal number of scraps in each bowl.)

When it's your turn, close your eyes and pick a piece of paper from the other team's bowl. Read its contents to yourself.

Without speaking, silently act out whatever is written on the piece of paper you drew from the bowl. If your team guess correctly before time runs out, they get one point.

Alternate with the other team until all the scraps of paper have been drawn and acted out. The team that has the most points wins.



HOW TO PLAY: Have two people hold the limbo stick (a broom stick or a piece of rope). Start the game by holding the stick about 4 feet from the ground. Everyone else must form a line and pass under the limbo stick, one by one, by walking forward and bending backward under the stick. If someone touches the stick they are out. Once everyone has passed under, lower the limbo stick about 6 inches. All remaining players now attempt to pass under the lowered stick. Continue lowering the stick after each round until there is only one player left.


Spin the bottle

HOW TO PLAY: Sit in a circle with your friends. Place a bottle in the middle of the circle.

Pick someone to go first. Spin the bottle so that it completes at least one full rotation. Once the bottle stops, the top will be pointing at another person in the circle. If it stops spinning towards you, spin again.

Kiss whoever the bottle points to. You absolutely must kiss this person. You cannot refuse to kiss anyone, even if you dislike him or her.

The person to the right of the spinner goes next. Keep playing until everyone has kissed everyone else at least once, or the game loses its appeal.

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